Nominated for five consecutive years as

Best Hotel and SPA in Ecuador

by World Travel Awards, London

Vilcabamba, Ecuador Resort and Spa Madre Tierra

"the best
spa treatments

in Latin America."

Best Hotel and Spa Resort, World Travel Awards Finalist

Integral to our values and principles is Madre Tierra’s Spa and Wellness Center. We have access to a wide spectrum of practitioners, health treatments to support both beauty, well-being, and a broad range of remedial therapies and techniques. The Spa facilities include Turkish steam baths, clay baths, Jacuzzi, and the technology to offer healthful, fully supervised, detoxifying enemas and colonic cleanses.


While we're not formally qualified medical practitioners, and the Spa facilities are not intended or claim to treat any illness, we will openly share  from our own personal experience  our extensive knowledge of supportive health protocols. We will always be delighted to guide our guests on the local accessibility of supplements and health treatments.