"the best
spa treatments

in Latin America."

Best Hotel and Spa Resort, World Travel Awards Finalist

Madre Tierra is committed to the highest standards of well-being for everyone who stays here. We're also committed to moving off the grid, with solar-powered water heating and water pumps. Our well provides the mineralized water for consumption. Our farm provides a lot of the vegetables served in our restaurant. We will soon have Tilapia fish that are raised organically as well. We are committed to integrating with the local Ecuadorian community and currently employee most of our staff from this community.


La Floresta is Madre Tierra’s visionary permaculture project that's setting local standards for the practical application of hands-on techniques and collaborative expertise.


Committed to sustainability and self-sufficiency, we're now holding regular seminars in our conference center in which we share our knowledge and learning with anyone who shares these goals and values. As much an extended family as a hotel, we invite you to Madre Tierra as our guests  and we pledge to provide for your needs as we provide for our own.