Vilcabamba Restaurant and Hotel
Vilcabamba Restaurant and Hotel
Vilcabamba Restaurant and Hotel - Madre Tierra Resort and Spa

Fabulous Cuisine
and a
FREE Wholesome

Breakfast Daily!

Best Hotel and Spa Resort, World Travel Awards Finalist

Our kitchen is committed to the highest standards of health, well-being and nourishment. We use sea salt rather than fluoridated (which is the standard in Ecuador). We do not alter the molecular structure of your food by using a microwave (we don’t own one). Our fruit and vegetables are always as fresh as possible. We commit to cooking and catering for our guests exactly as we would for our own families. We live here so that is what we do daily!

Our juice, smoothie and cocktail bar boasts delicious, thick, fresh-fruit drinks (with or without local raw milk) that are without equal. Fresh coconuts are almost always available. The restaurant is open for orders from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.

We are grateful that our restaurant has received high rankings from our patrons during our tenure. In our ongoing quest to improve the guest experience we are currently focused on the dining needs of our overnight guests first and foremost. There may be times when we are willing to serve guests from outside. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in advance if the timing is not right for us to serve you or your group.