Now offering weekly and monthly rentals to select guests

Vacation Rental Reservations - Madre Tierra Resort and Spa

Now offering weekly and monthly rentals from $150 per month

Casa Madre Tierra is located a mile north of the center of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, the Andean village made famous for the longevity of its citizens. Since the Covid19 pandemic "prevention" and "cure" measures we are transitioning to weekly and monthly rentals and have accepted the resignations of our resort staff. Monthly renters will have access to a community kitchen or may pay for a custom breakfast any day of the week until 10am. Our goal is to form a community of conscious individuals who share our little paradise. Described as an Oasis by many of our guests we are a destination for those who are looking for first world quality for a fair price. Our online reviews reveal that there truly is something very special about this unique property.


Vilcabamba (meaning "Sacred Valley") is known for its equable climate, its tranquil lifestyle, and its steadily growing international community of visionary artists, writers, healers and entrepreneurs who have chosen to lead changed lives here. Many new arrivals come to Madre Tierra first and leave 5 star reviews. From the moment you pass through our entrance you will know that you have found a very special place and you will begin your own "Madre Tierra Experience".

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